Spider White

Haworthia Spider White
Our own 'Spider White' is an unique Haworthia. This hardy succulent has sharp lines and the shape of a star.
The available sizes are 5.5, 8.5, 10.5 and 12 centimeter (2.17, 3.35, 4.13 and 4,72 inches). The Spider White is a proctected succulent, only to be produced by our company.
Glass Tulip
In january 2015 the Spider White won the Glass Tulip, the award for the best new houseplant of 2015. "The plant is unique with its white stripes on both top and the underside of the leaves. A beautiful, strong and highly decorative plant that is easy to care for."
The Spider White was nominated for the New Award by NoviFlora in 2014. 

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